Kante Impressed Pre-Season in Singapore

Kante Impressed Pre-Season in Singapore

Chelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante has stated that the Asian tour in the Lion Country is great.

The admiration of the French national retainer, because the Blues get a warm welcome from arrival at the airport Changi Airport, lodging and training sessions.

Even extraordinary support was shown when West London clubs battled Bayern Munich on Tuesday night, where about 48,000 spectators crowded the stadium.

Interestingly the same thing was felt by Thibaut Courtois goalkeeper who was happy with the support of the fans are so fantastic, but unfortunately the match that took place at The National Stadium that they lost 3-2 from foster children Carlo Ancelotti.

So make some fans admitted a little disappointed after seeing his favorite team must swallow defeat.

Even N’Golo requested that his teammates be able to provide the best possible victory and performance over the weekend when they meet Inter Milan in the second leg of the ICC 2017 and are happy with the Singaporean atmosphere, but the players are slightly complaining about the hot and humid air.

“We saw a lot of Chelsea fans and they showed us a great support,” Kante told the media.

“It’s good to see all the support from the fans here and we have to try to give a good image of our team to give them some time.

“This is my first time to Singapore and when I found this country, it is very beautiful and good people and I am very happy to craft a week here.

“It’s hotter and humid than England but that’s okay. We’ve been training a lot here so it does not matter when we play. ”

Although it has disappointed the fans where Chelsea lost, but 25-year-old players are determined to provide the best in the Premier League competition 2017-2018.

“I think it is a nice atmosphere and we have a lot of Chelsea fans at the stadium. Where it is also a good fight even though we are not lucky because of defeat, “added Kante.

“Now, we have to keep working and keep improving our ability to be ready to start a new season in England.”

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