Juventus Takluk, Dybala Sebut Lazio It’s Worth Winning

Juventus Takluk, Dybala Sebut Lazio It’s Worth Winning

Lazio won dramatically 3-2 over Juventus in the Italian Super Cup match at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Sunday (13/08/2017) Sbobet Casino.

Lazio’s goal was scored by Ciro Immobile (32 ’54’) and Alessandro Murgia (90 + 3 ‘).

The Juventus goal came from Paulo Dybala (85 ‘) kick and kicked via the white point (90 + 1′).

Paulo Dybala said Juventus’ attitude in the game was like a “small team mentality”.

“We deserved to lose in the game and Lazio deserved to win, even though we almost reversed the situation,” said Dybala.

The 23-year-old said that if the game ends in a draw and goes into extra time, Juventus have more chances to win the game.

However, Dybala admitted that Juventus’ performance in the match was not good enough to win.

According to Dybala, Juve just played nicely in the first 15 minutes before playing ugly in the next 60 minutes.

“Juventus tonight is like having a small team mentality,” said the Argentinean player.

“We want to change the attitude right now because tonight Juventus is not like Juventus that we all know,” said Dybala.

Despite scoring two goals, Dybala claimed not satisfied with the performance.

“I will work twice as hard this week as we have to start the new season Italian League well,” said Dybala.

Juventus will melakoni first game of the Italian League when entertaining Cagliari on Saturday (19/08/2018).

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