Approaching El Clasico Indonesia, Persija Bring 18 Players

Approaching El Clasico Indonesia, Persija Bring 18 Players

Persija Jakarta brings its best strength to a duel loaded with prestige against Persib Bandung at Bandung Gelora Stadium of Fire Lake, Saturday (22/7) Judi Online Terpercaya. A total of 18 players prepared by coach Stefano Cugurra Teco.

Of the 18 players, players who usually occupy the starter position will be brought to Bandung. Including Bruno Lopes who has returned from injury. Marquee player Tiger Kemayoran it certainly can go down in match counter Maung Bandung.

“It is the core players deliberately saved the coach when meeting Espanyol to later they are ready in the game against Persib. Including Bruno who has recovered from injury, “said Donny Kurniawan, doctors Persija team found crew

Donny also admitted there are still worries if Lopez still played. “Still risk the muscle retract (restrain). The pokes we need to watch, as new people recover from ill aja, “he continued.

Doctors continue, that Lopez is still vulnerable to injury if you have to compete kicks with other players. “The opposite team’s kick is risky for Lopez, but it could not have happened. Yes, the nature is still fifty-fifty, “he concluded.
In addition to Bruno, other key players such as Ismed Sofyan Persian, Willian Pacheco, Rohit Chand, Ambrizal Umanailo, Bambang Pamungkas, and former captain Persib, Maman Abdurrahman is also in a state ready for combat.

Physical trainer of Persija, Yogi Nugraha said his team’s condition is quite good ahead of the game titled El Clasico Indonesia. For that, Yogi confirmed if Stefano Cugurra Teco could lower his best squad in the game.

“We do have a solid schedule. However, when opponents Espanyol we mensiasati by playing a coating squad. As a result when the main player Persib opponent is ready to win, “said physical trainer Persija Yogi Nugraha.

While the management, through the assistant manager Ardhy Tjahjoko still targeting the victory. He believes the current condition of the Kemayoran Tiger is very good so the capital won victory.

“What is clear tomorrow children still play persistent, fight in order to maximize results. Our winning goal remains usung, “said Ardhi

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Here are 18 Players Brought to Bandung
1- Andritany Ardhiyaksa
2- Ismed Sofyab
3- William Pachecho
4- Maman Abdurrahman
5- Bruno Lopes
6- Gunawan Dwi Cahyo
7- Sutanto Tan
8- Rohit Chand
9- Rudi Widodo
10- Bambang Pamungkas
11- Luis Junior
12- Dariono
13- Vava Yagalo
14- Artur Irawan
15- Ramdani Lestaluhu
16- Abrizal Umainillo
17- Novri Setiawan
18- Sute Password

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