Allegri Demands His Team To Play Balanced

Allegri Demands His Team To Play Balanced

Max Allegri believes that with balance and calm, Juventus will be well ahead of this season.

Allegri spoke at his first press conference for Serie A, but the coach opened his talks by giving condolences to victims of a terrorist attack in Barcelona.

“I want to open this press conference by expressing my condolences to the victims in barcelona,” the coach said.

“It’s more important now than the football game. Our children will find it difficult to find a world worth living in. It’s really pathetic.

“Cagliari? We will melakoni first game of the new season and it will be something that can not be guessed.

“There is no contradiction with our transfer activity, and we need a new midfielder, but Matuidi is a Juve player and I just want to talk about Juve players here.

“Difficulty? When you win in Italy for six seasons and perform well in Europe, it’s hard for you to grow, the enemies of the season are all getting stronger and the margins to make mistakes decrease.

“The new season tomorrow will open, but it will not start until September 1, when the transfer window closes.

“For the Champions League, it depends on the league. If we are strong in the domestic league, we can go far in the Champions League. Both are events that we have to live.

“Supercoppa? From the 10th minute in the first half, our technical mastery was very poor and our game was not match.

“We need to improve on this because it’s clear that if you play the ball like last week, you risk coming in.

“We entered the new season on July 22 and we are a tough team. You just have to pay attention to the players. I have not decided what formation to use.

“I will not talk about the transfer market. It’s important to look strong because we have a lot of obstacles until the end of the season.

“If we had thought about the championship trophy, then it did not come. To win many championship trophies, you have to collect many points.

“This season will run in balance and there will be 5-6 teams who are fighting for the title of champion.

“We have to be balanced and that requires focus, nor does it get that jomplang condition.

“We still have to compete against a great team in March and with balance and calm, we will be far off.”

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